Quotes from the press

"One of the most interesting bands on the Danish scene." Gaffa, Denmark

"Great energy and fierce vitality. A seriously electrifying link between folk music and the chaos of contemporary rhythmical music has been missing for some time in Denmark. Valravn lights up that old void ..." Politiken, Denmark

"These are not youngsters who mock dead old instruments, nor nerds on a doomed mission. This is done so whole-heartedly that the ancient heritage feels alive and kicking. Past and present become a beautiful, wild and vivid unity, and you cannot but surrender to Valravn." * * * * * (out of 6) Dimmalaetting, Faroe Islands

"This first effort by Valravn is one of the tastiest recent plates of a Scandinavian scene which has set the standards quite high." www.musicinbelgium.net

"They played the stars from the sky"- as we say in Dutch. It basically means they were beyond awesome." Heathen Harvest, Holland

"Wonderful performance of VALRAVN. A really pleasant mix of tradition and electronic. And finally the square could dance." Giornale del Popolo, Switzerland

"They put nerve on the traditional instuments with an extraordinary punk energy. They do it leaving a lot of space of expression to the great voice of Anna Katrin Egilstrød: an explosive scene presence." Corriere del Ticino, Switzerland