Stockholm Lisboa Project

Simon Stålspets: nordic mandola, diatonic harmonica, vocal

Professional musician since 1990. Simon has been touring in Sweden and almost all over Europe with different music folk bands. For instance: Svart Kaffe, Kalabra, and Marsipan. Simon has achieved two Masters of Fine Art from the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm; one in Electric Guitar and another in Music Composition. - With Kalabra he won the international folkmusic competition in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in 1998. Simon was granted the Royal Music Academy scholarship the year 2000 and Stim scholarship in 2002. He composes contemporary music and folk melodies as well as big band jazz arrangements.

Micaela Vaz: lead vocal (2010 till now and on "Aurora")

Micaela has made a personal and artistic journey strongly influenced by her brother Rui Vaz, musical producer and composer and by his premature death. This journey has lead her to the portuguese traditional fado sessions, and since 2007 to the stages, as a professional singer. She has been invited to be part of many projects by artists as Rui Oliveira, Helder Moutinho, highlighting the performances "Encontro Ibérico" (flamenco, fado and portuguese traditional music), "Fados a Preto e Branco", "Com que voz" and "Cancionário", name of album recorded by the portuguese guitar player Ricardo Parreira who invited Micaela Vaz to sing on it. Has been on tour in Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and USA.

Liana: lead vocal (till 2010 and on "diagonal" & "sol")

Performing on stage since 1989, she won twelve prizes of thirteen contests she entered, among them: 1994 and 1996 the "Grande Noite do Fado" at the National Coliseum in Lisbon being the first singer to win two prizes in this contest, and 2000 for the National State Television (RTP) "Festival da Canção". From 2000-2005 she played the role of Amália in the most successful musical ever in Portugal dedicated to the great diva Amália Rodrigues. - She toured in Australia, Canada, United States, Brazil and Europe. She also performs distinct styles from jazz standards to musical hits combining her solo career with ventures in other music projects

Sérgio Crisóstomo: violin, vocal

Professional musician since 1994, he is a classical formed violin player. Besides his classical work, he has developed through the years a special interest in folk music, adapting the violin to multiple music styles. He was granted the Gulbenkian music scholarship during his conservatoire violin studies and in 2000 he was invited to represent Portugal in a Folk music meeting camp in Brittany-France. - Since 1998 he has been touring around Europe and China with different projects. Besides his instrumental career he is also choir conductor.

Filip Jers: chromatic, diatonic and bass harmonicas, vocal

Filip Jers received his master degree in jazz from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 2011, being the first harmonicaplayer ever to study there. He plays both chromatic and diatonic harmonica. Filip has played different styles of music but mainly focuses on jazz and folk music. He plays in a lot of own and different musical projects with everything from jazz standards, original music to free-improvisation. He was granted the Junior Blues prize in Åmål, 2003 and won prizes in the “Musik Direkt” competition for young musicians in 2003 and 2004. Filip won the Danish Harmonica Championships in Odense 2004 and the next year he won two first prizes; Jazz and Folk/Blues/Rock/Country at the prestigious World Harmonica Championships in Trossingen, Germany 2005. - He has been playing around, mainly in Sweden since 2003, but also played in Norway, Italy, Estonia, Belgium, Croatia with different groups

Simon Stalspets




Sergio Crisostomo

Demian Kappenstein







  • Aurora (2012 - Nomis Musik/ Westpark Music)
  • diagonal (2009 - Nomis Musik/ Westpark Music)
  • sol (2007 - Nomis Musik)