Polkaholix - site

fRoots (UK):
Polka is a music of passion and the POLKAHOLIX demonstrate a passion for polka, the like of which I have never encountered in half-a-century. POLKAHOLIX are clearly a major dance outfit, the sort of hot dance band that probably only the summer festival season can sustain live!

Groning Dagblad (NL):
POLKAHOLIX, die zijn gewoonweg knettergek. Cool ja, daar kan geen metal of wat voor 'kunst' danook tegenop .... Een topper van de Oosterpoortavond

Ekstra Bladet (DK):
Brilliant! POLKAHOLIX is the new live sensation from Germany. Excellent music, excellent show, go, polka go!!

Scene Zine (USA):
POLKAHOLIX definitely prove that the best party music is polka with their incredible energy and musicianship. They bring a new life to the biergarden that is completely insane and irresistible. FUN is something often lacking in today's music, but POLKAHOLIX bring it back in a huge way. A non-stop polka party for everyone!

Not really traditional, but really good. POLKAHOLIX has done a dynamite job and drove the Ariano crowd wild!

What's that? German polka, rock & roll, ska or punk? Anyway, POLKAHOLIX is in a class of its own. Let's have more of it.

It isn't what you play, it's how you play it. POLKAHOLIX all night long and the main stage at the Kaustinen festival is burning!