Jon Boden – lead singer / fiddle / tambourine (other line-ups Spiers & Boden / Eliza Carthy & the Ratcatchers / solo album) - Influences: Peter Bellamy, Tom Waits

John Spiers – melodeon / midi-melodeon / concertina / backing vocals (other line-ups Spiers & Boden / Eliza Carthy & the Ratcatchers) - Influences: Morris Dance music, John Kirkpatrick / 70’s funk / disco

Benji Kirkpatrick – guitar / bouzouki / mandolin / banjo / backing vocals (other line ups: Faustus / with Seth Lakeman / Oysterband big session) - English folk background

Rachael McShane – cello / fiddle / (co-singer on tracks Jordan and Death & The Lady) backing vocals (other line-ups: Crosscurrent) - Rachael has just completed the Newcastle University folk degree course and comes from an Irish music background

Paul Sartin – fiddle / oboe / backing vocals (other Line-ups: Faustus / Belshazzars Feast) - English folk background. Paul recently completed a Masters degree in traditional music at Newcastle University, and is engaged in academic work, research and teaching. As well as English folk music, he has worked extensively in English choral music in Oxford and Winchester

Giles Lewin – fiddle / bagpipes / backing vocals (other line-ups: The Dufay collective / The Carnival Band / Giles Lewin & Vivien Ellis) - From Oxford, Giles is not only an Irish fiddler with a great track record, he has also studied Arabic music in Cairo.

Pete Flood – percussion / frying pan / glockenspiel / wind-up toys / megaphone - A delightfully eccentric percussionist at the heart of the band (other line-ups: The Farmyard Animals / Van Eyken)

Gideon Juckes – susaphone / tuba - Very much in demand as one of the best tuba players of his gen-eration on the Folk/world scene. Plays the sousaphone only under duress as he think’s it’s too heavy (other line-ups: (include) Eliza Carthy & the Ratcatchers / Farmyard Animals / Brasshoppers)

Brendan Kelly – saxophones / bass clarinet (other line-ups: Farmyard Animals - Brendan is single & available

Justin Thurgur – trombone - Justin mainly specialises in Cuban & African music (other Line-ups: Motimba)

Andy Mellon – trumpet / flugelhorn (other Line-ups: Fantazia / Bad Manners)